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You desire a lawn that frames your Northeast Ohio home perfectly and doesn’t make you cover your face in shame when the neighbors walk by. 

You want your trees and shrubs to look neat and trim and live long, healthy lives as key assets contributing to your property’s curb appeal. 

And you want pests to stay outside and away from your home, family, and pets. 

Your landscape is your place for making memories with your family – birthday parties, barbecues, and special occasions that draw everyone together. You want to make these moments special. You certainly don’t need patches of spotty turf, nasty weeds, annoying pests, and overgrown trees tarnishing these good times.

Lawn Care Services

Are you constantly comparing your grass to your neighbor’s lawn? Does it look duller, thinner, and have more weeds than the rest on the block? Do you rush inside or roll up your car windows as you drive past to avoid talking to people on your street because you’re not happy with how your lawn looks? Have you tried to tackle the job yourself and feel like your yard is not improving … and you’re exhausted?

You’re not alone. Many of our customers have come to us with similar worries. They don’t want stress, work, or hassle. They just want a thick, green lawn they can take pride in and enjoy. 

Is that too much to ask for? Absolutely not. Our Northeast Ohio lawn care services can turn your grass around and take your worries away. It’s really that easy.

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Pest Control Services

When you go outside, your main goal is to have a little fun. Maybe you’re taking your dog for a walk or playing a game of fetch with the frisbee. Or possibly encouraging your kids to get out there and kick the soccer ball around or play a lawn game. 

Sounds joyful, right? Everyone likes a bit of sunshine and fresh air. What’s not cool is when you have to constantly check your pets and kids for disease-carrying fleas and ticks every time they step foot outdoors. Or worrying that all those outdoor bugs like spiders and ants are making their way inside your home to build nests and steal your food. 

Protect your family and pets with flea and tick control and perimeter pest control so the bugs stay away and you can enjoy your day. 

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Tree & Shrub Care Services

Trees and shrubs are the core pieces of your landscape, drawing eyes in, creating symmetry, offering color and shade, and just looking gorgeous the entire time. They really don’t get enough credit for all that they do for you. 

In fact, they look so strong and sturdy and do so much that you almost forget about them … until it’s too late. 

Preserve these key assets on your property with tree and shrub care maintenance that keeps plant-destroying insects at bay and nourishes trees and shrubs with key nutrients for long-lasting growth and stability. Then you can rest easy knowing your investments are protected.

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Landscape Bed Pre-Emergent  

Even when we say the word, “weeds,” we can already see the worry lines appear in those creases on your forehead. Weeds like crabgrass are no fun. All they do is bring worry and make you feel like you’re never doing enough to keep them at bay in your Northeast Ohio landscape beds. 

Enough is enough. Stop weeds before they start with a shrub bed pre-emergent application that literally tackles the problem at the seed stage, not giving that weed a chance to germinate, flower, and send more of its nasty self across your pristine flower bed. 

Problem solved. Stress reduced. Don’t you wish your other life challenges were this easy to solve?

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Turf Pride is proud to provide lawn care, tree care, weed control, and pest control to select communities in the Northeast Ohio area.

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See What Our Customers Say

We have been using Turf Pride for Lawn Maintenance - grass fertilizing, pest control, fertilizing trees and bushes for several years now. Our lawn looks great as well as the trees and bushes.
Rita Perez
Concord, OH

My yard had so many weeds before I started with Turf Pride. I had a video memory pop up of my dogs playing and I went “Wow! I never realized it was that bad before”. After only a few treatments my yard had completely changed. Flea and tick treatments also greatly reduced the amount of ticks my German Shepherd has gotten.

Shea Lewins
Mentor, OH
We have been using Turf Pride for our lawn treatments for 10yrs. We used a large franchise operation prior to this and just weren’t happy with the results. Our yard has some challenging conditions and Turf Pride has done a fantastic job of keeping it in top shape. They provide recommendations on what we need to do between treatments to keep it looking great and are very responsive and come right out when we call to inquire about problem areas we have in our yard from time to time. I wouldn’t consider using a different company for our lawn care needs.
Bear Rupert
Mentor, OH