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Trees and shrubs can do so much to elevate your property’s curb appeal. But without proper care, these assets can become sources of anxiety. Who has time for more stress?

While it can seem that trees and shrubs stand firm on their own, they need proper care. As your landscape grows and matures, your trees and shrubs can become overgrown and decline. In addition to looking pretty bad, the potential for broken limbs and damage increases. 

Turf Pride’s tree and shrub care services have been helping homeowners in Northeast Ohio turn their trees and shrubs from eyesores into assets.

Insect & Disease Control

Insects and diseases can be fairly common causes of stress and decline in your beloved trees and shrubs. Some pests and diseases can cause serious aesthetic damage like holes in leaves, defoliation, or discoloration, while others can progress even further to cause overall plant decline and even death. 

A proper inspection and diagnosis from one of our experienced tree care professionals can ensure your problem is caught early on and your trees and shrubs have a chance to fight and recover. 

Opting for a custom tree and shrub maintenance plan that includes 3 professional insect and disease treatments annually can protect your plants against these common invaders.

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Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Trees and shrubs can thrive in the forest because their soil is rich with organic matter from the constant stream of good nutrients that come from decaying leaves and twigs. 

But in the Northeast Ohio home landscape, your soil can lack nutrients. Whether it’s home building, construction, or higher traffic, your soil gets worn out.

Fertilization is a way to bring critical nutrients to your landscape, giving your plants the boost they need to thrive. 

This tree and shrub care program grows plants that stand stronger against winds, storms, and other harsh environmental conditions and are able to reap benefits from the soil they are in, soaking up water and nutrients and showing their good health with full canopies, lush greenery, and bright blooms. 

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Dormant Oil Treatment

Some tree and shrub pests are so small and sneaky that you don’t even know they’re there before they are causing some nasty symptoms to appear, ruining your perfect garden picture. 

That’s how a dormant oil treatment as part of your tree and shrub care services can help. This natural product helps prevent these tiny pests like aphids, thrips, mites, and scales from infesting your trees and shrubs. 

Since these pests are more likely to live through the winter, dormant oil, which is usable all year on trees and shrubs, protects your precious plants specifically during those colder months.

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Would totally recommend!!! Very timely and always friendly. Always takes the time to answer my questions and comes out if you ask them to look at something.

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This company is fantastic they do a great job and I would recommend to anyone they will fix issues and spend the time to explain to you. It is very affordable and they give great service with a friendly smile.

Ken F.
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