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Your home looks great. Of course, you want your lawn to match. 

Maybe your grass has some issues and looks less than acceptable. You might even feel embarrassed as you watch your neighbors gleam with pride over their thick, green lawns. 

But who has the time to spend researching solutions to weeds and bare spots and figuring out how to eliminate them? You’ve tried some DIY solutions, and they haven’t seemed to make a dent in your lawn troubles. 

Getting a great lawn shouldn’t be this hard.

Set the neighborhood standard in Northeast Ohio with lawn care services that can turn your curb appeal around. 

Lawn Care Programs

Your lawn is unique. That’s why we offer three programs to suit your specific lawn care needs. You don’t want to waste your hard-earned money. With our services, your lawn gets what it needs and not what it doesn’t.

All three of our lawn care services programs include six precisely timed visits that take care of your lawn’s fertilization and weed control needs. Our mid-level program adds winterization and core aeration services, while our premium program brings annual overseeding to the mix. 

Whether you’re ready to give up wasting your weekends trying to tackle all these issues yourself or use a lawn care service that isn’t doing the job, we can take your worries away. Get ready to run through your lawn with bare feet again!

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 Crabgrass & Weed Control

When you drive down your street, lawns with crabgrass and dandelions stick out … and not in a good way. These tall, gangly, off-color weeds are shouting, “Look at me,” while you wish they’d just be quiet and shrink away. But nothing you’ve tried is working. Weeds should not have the power to take over your lawn, making it look like an embarrassing mess. 

We can tackle the toughest weeds – sometimes before they even appear with precisely timed pre-emergent applications. Targeted post-emergent applications handle the ones that sneak in. And the end result is a weed-free lawn you can boast about.

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You want a healthy lawn that looks good. Who doesn’t? 

Maybe you’ve tried to fertilize the lawn yourself or tried a professional lawn care company in Suburban Cleveland, and you’re not happy with your results. It can feel like your lawn has a mind of its own. 

But it’s not that difficult to have a healthy, thick lawn that defends itself against weeds and other problems. The trick is to provide your grass with the right amount of nutrients throughout the year. Precise timing, proper application, and the right products can make a world of difference.

With our proven lawn care services, you can get the gorgeous grass you desire without the hassle. 

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Grub Prevention

Grubs. These nasty, C-shaped, white, slug-like insects are hungry creatures that want to devour your lawn roots. Not cool. 

And once they feast for weeks on end, they destroy your lawn’s ability to soak up water and nutrients, and your grass begins to look pretty sad. 

What’s worse is those same grubs that wreck your lawn grow up to be adult Japanese beetles that you find feasting on your precious rose bushes later. It’s like a continuous summer nightmare you can’t wake up from. 

Stop the insanity and the free dinner party in your Suburban Cleveland yard with lawn care services that include grub prevention to put a stop to these unwanted guests. 

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Core Aeration 

When your soil is not healthy and is compacted from lots of foot traffic, you may not know it. But you’ll certainly see it … on your lawn. 

This compaction creates stress in your lawn and limits its ability to soak up water and nutrients, or receive oxygen. It’s like your grass is suffocating. No wonder it doesn’t look good. 

The solution is lawn aeration services. This process removes small soil plugs from your lawn to break up this tightness and let your lawn breathe again. Your lawn responds to this revival by jumping back into that good health and appearance you love. 

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Lawn Seeding

Want to prevent that thin lawn appearance and stop weeds from taking over those bare spots? No one likes brown patches, dry zones, and a worn out lawn that looks like it's seen much better days. 

Seeding your lawn, particularly after aeration, is a great way to fill in open areas and thicken up your grass so weeds can’t sneak in. Annual lawn seeding along with lawn aeration services can keep your lawn in prime performance and health. 

The end result is a lush, vibrant lawn – the envy of the block. 

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Would totally recommend!!! Very timely and always friendly. Always takes the time to answer my questions and comes out if you ask them to look at something.

Stacey K.
Mentor, OH

I've been working with Turf Pride for several years now, and use them exclusively at all of my properties. I've never seen the lawns look so good, even with our challenging weather. I would recommend them to anyone!

John G.
Concord, OH

I’ve used several companies for lawn care but I like Turf Pride the best. They have great service and great communication. If I call and ask a question they always have an answer. If I decide to add something to my service date or change the date of service they always accommodate me. It’s a wonderful people oriented company.

Cherie B.
Leroy, OH

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