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The outdoors are an enjoyable place to hang out. You’ve got your lawn and your patio, and a cozy environment to soak up the sunshine and bask in the warm weather. 

But warmer weather brings more than just sun and fun. It also brings some particularly pesky insects that can ruin your time outside. Fleas and ticks can carry some dangerous diseases. No one should have to endure a summer longingly staring out the window from the safety of the indoors. Other pests like ants and spiders can be attracted to the water, food, and shelter you offer indoors. And you certainly didn’t invite them to set up shop in your cozy home. 

While pests may emerge every summer, you don’t have to share space with these unwanted bugs. Flea and tick control and perimeter pest control can save your family and your home from insect invasions.

Flea and Tick Treatment

Playing fetch with a man’s best friend is an enjoyable afternoon spent on your lawn. Pushing the kids while they swing on the backyard playset brings laughs. But you shouldn’t have to worry that Fido and your children will come back to the house covered with fleas and ticks. Kind of takes the fun out of a great afternoon outdoors. 

Fleas and ticks are not only frustrating insects to manage, but they also carry some pretty dangerous diseases like West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease. No one should have to think about their health and safety every time they step outside to throw the ball around. 

Take back your yard with flea and tick yard treatments. We’ll manage the bugs so you can enjoy your landscape again.

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 Perimeter Pest Control

When you’re cleaning your home or just going about your day, you certainly don’t want to notice ants crawling along your floor or spiders setting up webs near your windows and doors. You didn’t invite them in, so why should you have to deal with them? Gross.

But some of these pests are harder to deal with than others, and they can squeeze into the tiniest of spaces and chase the smallest bits of crumbs left lying in your corners and crevices. Once you kick them out, the goal is to keep them out. 

Banish bugs with perimeter pest control services that put up a regular barrier against these common insects to ensure they stay where they belong: outside. 

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As a small business owner I like to take advantage of another small business when possible. I had ants this spring and when I asked Dave about this he had another product that treats your home and grounds and they disappeared overnight. I feel my money is spent wisely with this company and I am very proud to recommend them.

Denise T.
Gates Mills, OH
Been with Turf Pride for over 3 years now, lawn is perfect! Class act operation, always available to discuss options such as my mole issue. Dave came right over and handled that problem as well. I priced out doing it myself and Turf Pride can't be beat.
Chris S.
Euclid, OH

They offer many services that help keep my lawn looking it's best as well as keeping my pets safe from fleas and ticks. I'm amazed how much better my lawn looks after only a few treatments.

Julie A.
Timberlake, OH

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