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How to care for your lawn this Fall

New blogFall lawn care tips

Fall is a great time to help your lawn recover from the stress of summer, follow these tips to get your lawn looking its best for next spring!
Core Aeration: Aerating the lawn allows air, water and nutrients better access to the roots of your lawn, this process will also aid in decompaction of the soil and reduce thatch build up.
Over seeding: This will help fill in thin areas with improved grass varieties, seeding in the fall when the competition of weeds is low will help improve the density of your lawn. Thick lawns can even benefit from overseeding after aeration by adding more drought to tolerant grasses to your lawn.
De-thatching: This is recommended if your lawn exceeds an inch of thatch.

Fertilization: Fall fertilization is a crucial part of any lawn program. The magic of fall is that your lawns root system is developing more now than any other time of year, so applying the proper fall fertilizer will greatly strengthen your lawn and help it recover from the summer stress.
Leaves: Mulching the leaves that fall onto your lawn will add nutrients and organic matter into the lawn, a rule of thumb is if you can see grass through the leaves just mulch them up with your mower.

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