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Is Fall the Best Time to Aerate and Overseed My Lawn?

Dave Petti

Sure, spring is when lawn care is on your mind in Northeast Ohio. 

It’s nice out there. The weather is warming. You’re outside inspecting how your yard survived winter’s wrath. And you really just can’t wait to embrace that sunshine. Spring is when everything is bursting with new growth. It’s natural to think of the outdoors at this time. 

But spring isn’t the only time to tend to your lawn. Yes, you do need to think about the proper care of your lawn all year long, but there are some times of the year when your grass can benefit more from certain services than other times of year. 

You might be questioning whether aeration in spring or fall is better. 

Fall is actually an amazing time of year for two particular services: aeration and overseeding. 

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Let’s learn about how aeration and overseeding can impact your lawn, and why autumn can be the best time for these tasks. 

How Important is Lawn Aeration? 

You want a great, green, thick, thriving, healthy lawn. Who doesn’t? 

To get a lawn you love requires some key essentials. 

You have to mow it right to a 3- to 4-inch height each time. You have to properly fertilize it on a regular basis. You have to prevent and tackle weeds. You must water it correctly. And you have to keep watch for insects and diseases. 

Mowing height reccomendation
On top of these strategies, annual aeration and overseeding can do wonders for your lawn. 

Aerating your lawn with a machine called an aerator is the process of removing small soil plugs. This reduces soil compaction and gives water, nutrients, and air a better chance to reach your lawn roots. 

Now let’s look at why doing these specific activities in fall makes the most sense. 

Fall Aeration and Overseeding Helps Your Lawn Breathe

 Over time, your lawn takes a beating. You’re walking around on it all day, as well as mowing weekly. And rain and other weather can pound down on it. 

All this activity can compact your soil. 

Compacted soil can suffocate your grass roots, leading to a lawn that lacks nutrition and becomes more vulnerable to diseases and insects. 

As a result, your lawn lacks vigor. And because it’s stressed, it can become more susceptible to weeds. 

weeds popping up in lawn
Aerating and overseeding in fall enables you to eliminate compaction at a time of year when there is less weed pressure and less stress from drought or extreme heat. 

Fall Aeration and Overseeding Replenishes Lawn Nutrients

Your lawn focuses on different areas of growth at different times of the year. 

In spring, its focus is topgrowth. In fall, its focus is root growth. 

The soil plugs we remove during aeration and overseeding take a couple of weeks to break down and decompose. This helps return good nutrients and organic matter back to your soil, giving it a better environment in which roots can grow.

Fall Aeration and Overseeding Breaks Up Thatch

When your soil is compacted, this also enables thatch to grow. 

Thatch is an outer layer of dead and living plants that form just beneath your grass blades. 

While this may not sound that harmful, it can actually negatively impact your lawn and its roots because it creates an environment for pests and lawn fungus to grow and thrive. 

Aeration and overseeding breaks up this nasty thatch as it’s breaking up compaction. Doing this in fall ensures once the pests, weeds, and diseases are highly active again in spring and summer, your thatch is taken care of and your lawn is more resistant to these lawn invaders.  

lawn after aeration

Fall is the Best Time For Seed Germination

Aeration and overseeding go hand-in-hand in fall because seeding your lawn has the absolute best results in autumn. 

This is because lawn seeds need to contact the soil to germinate and grow grass. During aeration, your lawn care professional creates holes by removing soil plugs. These become the perfect holes for seeds to nestle in. What’s more is fall is great for growing grass because it’s cooler but still has warm soil. This means you get better results from overseeding in fall than you can get any other time of year. 


Let Turf Pride Help You With Aeration and Overseeding in Fall

The hot summer months are full of stress for your lawn. 

This can create all kinds of negative impacts on your lawn – bare spots and a lack of nutrients among them. 

Aeration and overseeding stimulates fresh lawn growth, encouraging healthy roots and filling in thin areas. Deeper, stronger roots lead to more resilient grass. 

A stronger, happier lawn is one that is more resistant to year-long stressors. And aeration and overseeding makes this possible. If your lawn is looking like it needs a little pick-me-up, this may be all it needs for a revival.

Wondering if your lawn needs an aeration and overseeding boost? Turf Pride is happy to help. We can come take a look at your lawn and give you a thorough assessment of what it needs to look its best. 

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All you want is a green, happy lawn in Northeast Ohio, and Turf Pride knows what it takes to get there. Get started today with a free quote. Together, we’ll customize a plan that makes your lawn the best on the block. 

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