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3 Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Lawn Mosquito-Free

Dave Petti

Despite the fact that winter and spring keep playing hide and seek in Northeast, spring and summer temperatures will soon officially be here. 

And what better way to enjoy the outdoors than having a barbecue with your family members, friends, and neighbors? Grilling burgers while catching up and lounging on the patio seem like the perfect way to embrace the warming temperatures. 

But there’s one thing that can drain the fun from your backyard plans faster than your guests refusing to bring a side dish: mosquitoes.

These nasty pests swarm around you and your guests like they have a first-class pass to your yard. Their stings pinch and then they itch. On top of that, they carry some pretty serious diseases like West Nile virus. 

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We know you don’t want your backyard time ruined by these pests. Let's discuss how to get rid of mosquitoes in your lawn, so you can have some strategies to use. 

How to Get Rid of Backyard Mosquitoes

Warmer temperatures bring a smile to your face, but that heat and humidity can also, unfortunately, bring mosquitoes. These two things tend to go together like s’mores and a campfire.

When you are tired of the constant barrage of mosquitoes, you might want to try anything to get rid of them. But there are some tips and tricks that are more reliable than others. 

How to repel mosquitoes in your yard involves some practical solutions, as well as control treatments, to help reduce populations and keep mosquitoes away.

1. Reduce Standing Water 

Mosquitoes need one thing to breed: water. This means eliminating standing water in your yard is a great part of how to get rid of backyard mosquitoes. 

But since mosquitoes only need a small amount of water to breed, this can be challenging. Consider all of these types of places where water can collect and try these tips: 

  • Make sure you clean your gutters and that they drain properly.
  • Refresh the water in your outdoor pet bowls and bird baths every couple of days to avoid this water from getting stagnant.
  • Don’t let standing water sit in flower pots, trash can lids, toys, etc. for long periods of time.
  • Add fountains or bubblers to water features or ponds to help keep water moving. 

2. Boost Airflow 

In addition to needing water, mosquitoes like to hang in dense areas of your yard where humidity is thick like in dense areas of trees and shrubs. These areas don’t typically have a lot of air movement. 

Also, while many people think mosquitoes are strong flyers, they actually stay within several hundred feet of where they were hatched as long as they can find food there.

That’s why reducing mosquito hiding places is another part of how to get rid of backyard mosquitoes. 

To do this you want to trim trees and shrubs properly and regularly so that air can continue to move on your property. 

neatly trimmed trees and shrubs
Yes, mosquitoes may still find a way to you, but they are less likely to be hanging out nearby if their air isn’t extra thick. 

3. Professional Mosquito Control 

In Northeast Ohio, mosquitoes are a part of summer. 

But they don’t have to take up space in your backyard. How to repel mosquitoes in your yard also can include controlling them at regular periods throughout the peak season by hiring a professional pest control company. 

Using professional mosquito control products and backpack misters, pest control professionals can target specific locations where mosquitoes hang out, such as under trees and shrubs; near dark, cool places; in grassy or wooded areas; and beneath decks, as well as other mosquito hotspots. The super fine mist they release can control adult mosquitoes and mosquito eggs to prevent the current bothersome pests, as well as future populations. 

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Stop Letting Mosquitoes Ruin Your Outdoor Days in Northeast Ohio

We know how frustrating it can be when insects so small can be so annoying and threaten your outside time in your own yard. Mosquitoes buzz about your ears and cause horrible, itchy welts.

But in your hurry to stop the madness, you might be grabbing random products off of the shelves, attempting anything that promises solutions. That’s not the best way to tackle this issue, unfortunately, because there are quite a few ideas out there that really aren’t promising. 

Remember, mosquitoes carry diseases like malaria, Zika virus, and West Nile virus. Not only can these diseases impact you and your family and friends, but mosquitoes can also transmit diseases and parasites to your pets. 

You don’t want to waste time on methods that don’t work. Playing offense is the best way to have a mosquito-free yard. 

Turf Pride can tell you how to repel mosquitoes in your yard and keep them away. Our proven mosquito control treatments can give you a break from these pesky insects and let you enjoy your backyard again. 

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Take back your yard from mosquitoes and eliminate the stress of their itchy bites for good so you can enjoy your summer patio parties again. Get started today with a free quote. Together, we’ll prepare a customized plan to help you keep mosquitoes away from your Northeast Ohio lawn.

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