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Mosquito Control

Enjoy Your Yard Without the Mosquito Onslaught

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Stop Mosquitoes From Ruining Your Evenings Outdoors

Mosquitoes aren’t picky. They can ruin a quiet family dinner on the patio as quickly as they can destroy a large backyard birthday party. Their only mission is to hunt people down.

Not only is their buzzing in your ears annoying, but their bites can leave you and your family members with itchy, red welts. On top of this, mosquitoes bring deadly diseases like West Nile and Zika with them, making every evening outdoors a constant worry versus an enjoyable event. 

You can protect your family from these blood suckers with mosquito control services in Northeast Ohio.

Don’t Let Mosquitoes Take Over Your Northeast Ohio Yard 

Regular barrier sprays and professionally applied treatments to mosquito-breeding areas in your yard can ensure you can get back to grilling outdoors, playing fetch with the dog, throwing the ball with the kids, and spending time in the summer sun. You want everything your summer days and nights are meant for, and nothing you don’t.

Targeted treatments by trained technicians can help provide relief from spring through fall, keeping your family safe.

Stop swatting, scratching, and worrying about mosquito-borne illnesses in Northeast Ohio with professional pest control for mosquitoes.

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Targeted Treatments, Premier Mosquito Protection

Mosquito control services begin with a thorough assessment of your in Lake County, Geauga County, and Cuyahoga County, OH property to identify breeding grounds. You might notice areas of standing water, for instance, which are ideal spots for mosquitoes to multiply. Taking care of these spots is the first step.

Then, barrier sprays applied at your property perimeter, as well as targeted treatments in mosquito hangouts and common areas like near your patio and outdoor playsets can ensure safe, pest-free spaces for your family to enjoy. Turf Pride’s thorough application process ensures your family receives the best protection.

See What Our Customers Say

As a small business owner I like to take advantage of another small business when possible. I had ants this spring and when I asked Dave about this he had another product that treats your home and grounds and they disappeared overnight. I feel my money is spent wisely with this company and I am very proud to recommend them.

Denise T.
Gates Mills, OH
Been with Turf Pride for over 3 years now, lawn is perfect! Class act operation, always available to discuss options such as my mole issue. Dave came right over and handled that problem as well. I priced out doing it myself and Turf Pride can't be beat.
Chris S.
Euclid, OH

They offer many services that help keep my lawn looking it's best as well as keeping my pets safe from fleas and ticks. I'm amazed how much better my lawn looks after only a few treatments.

Julie A.
Timberlake, OH

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