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3 Questions to Ask a Lawn Care Company Before Hiring Them

Dave Petti

Everyone has questions. This is especially true when it comes to various services you don’t have experience with or know much about. 

For example, maybe you don’t know everything it takes to maintain your lawn – what nutrients it needs or why, what the best soil for growing grass looks like, why weeds continue to show up or how to keep those bare spots and nasty blemishes out of your lawn. 

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That’s when asking questions can help you better understand what you need to keep your lawn looking great. 

We know you have questions about lawn care in Northeast Ohio. While we welcome questions in person, we’d love to provide some answers to basic questions we get all the time to help you grow your lawn care knowledge and hire the right company. 

3 Questions to Ask Lawn Care Providers 

A great Northeast Ohio lawn doesn’t magically happen by itself. Lawns, like other plants, need some care. 

To hire the best company to take care of your lawn, keep these questions about lawn care handy. The answers will give you guidance in making a confident decision. 

1. What Do Lawn Care Services Typically Include?

Of the many questions about lawn care, one of the best to start with is understanding what the company’s lawn care program includes


While many lawn care programs may look similar initially, there will be some variations from one company to the next. Typically, a standard lawn care service includes the following: 

  • Lawn fertilization, where technicians apply a professional grade fertilizer at certain intervals in the proper amounts. This usually includes lawn fertilization four times per year in early spring, late spring, summer, and fall – roughly in six- to eight-week intervals. A fifth application may also happen if the season begins earlier. 
  • Customized weed control that includes both preventive and curative tactics to battle different weeds in your lawn. This is because some weeds will need specific tactics for elimination.
  • Turf insect and disease inspections, which can alert you if you have an infestation and lead to applications to help eliminate the problem.

Once you have an answer on what the basic lawn care program includes, you can also ask about additions, such as preventive grub control; core aeration and overseeding to break up soil compaction and thicken up your lawn; and surface-feeding insect control. 

2. How Long Does It Take to See Results After Lawn Care Providers Treat Your Lawn?

After a lawn care provider treats your lawn, you will typically notice results between one to two days or up to one week after. 

A lot can depend on the treatment. Your lawn’s condition and the fertilizer type used will determine whether or not you see quicker visual changes. Weeds, on the other hand, may take a few days to disappear. 

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Include this in your questions about lawn care to get a feel for a prospecive company’s knowledge on lawn care treatments, how they respond to customer inquiries and what kind of education they offer. This can tell you a lot about the type of service provider they are.  

3. Are Lawn Care Services Worth the Cost? 

Your home landscape looks so much better with a healthier, thicker, greener lawn. You experience benefits in aesthetics, as well as the boosted oxygen, reduced temperatures, and drop in air pollution. But to give you all this, your lawn needs a little TLC. 

As you explore your options, you may find some DIY ideas to try, but you will also want to explore hiring a lawn care company. As you compare these options, you’ll wonder which one is more or less expensive and which one is the better investment. 

The home improvement store will have products you can explore for DIY lawn care. You’ll need the right products and a granular spreader and sprayer. Then you have to learn how to calibrate your equipment before each use and follow the product labels to apply treatments correctly. To do all this properly, you want to read up on some lawn care best practices to make sure you follow proper treatment timing throughout the year.

By performing DIY services, you learn a new skill, but if you add everything up, you may find you’re not really saving any money compared to the professional route. And you’re spending your nights and weekends doing the work. 

With the professional approach, you don’t need to buy inferior, expensive products and equipment or spend time researching lawn care. You can ask the right questions and hire a company you trust to maintain your lawn and give it the care it needs for maximum success.

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Have More Questions For Us?

We know you desire a lawn that looks great – one you can walk through barefoot and enjoy each and every day. 

We hope answering these questions about lawn care helps you narrow down your lawn care choices and make a better, more informed decision. 

But if you still have questions, give Turf Pride a call. We can inspect your lawn and offer suggestions on what it needs to look its best, delivering a lawn care program that works best for you. 

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