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Weed Control

Stop Weeds Before They Take Over Your Lawn

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Say Goodbye to Weeds and Hello to a Great Looking Lawn

When you have that vision of the perfect home lawn in Northeast Ohio, you’re thinking about something thick and green you can sink your feet into. You want grass that calls you outside and smells fresh. 

You’re definitely not envisioning a rough, prickly lawn with spikes of various shades of green poking up in all directions. This is a weed-ridden lawn, and it definitely doesn’t invite you outdoors to stay awhile. All it does is cause you stress, worry, and embarrassment. 

Take a look at that dandelion eyesore or those stiff spikes of crabgrass. With crabgrass control and weed control services, you can say goodbye.

Eliminate Unsightly Weed Worries and Woes

Fighting weeds in your lawn in Lake County, Geauga County, and Cuyahoga County, OH can certainly be challenging. 

This is because some weeds are tougher to control than others. The truth is all weeds can’t be treated the same way when it comes to weed control services. 

You want a lawn care program that focuses on properly identifying weeds, battling these different weeds at the correct times, and using the right strategies that maximize elimination. 

When you want a lawn and not a weed patch, a professional can help eliminate your weed headaches so you can enjoy your yard again.

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Be Proud of Your Lawn Again

You want lawn weed control services in Northeast Ohio that focus on your particular weed challenges – whether that’s crabgrass control or targeted broadleaf weed treatments. 

Turf Pride offers two pre-emergent crabgrass prevention treatments applied in early and late spring to fight this weed at its weakest point, as well as liquid post-emergent weed control applications from early summer through late fall to take care of those other tough weeds that emerge and need multiple applications to eradicate. Think ground ivy or wild violet. 

Because no two weeds are the same, multiple, targeted weed control tactics by trained professionals can give you that weed-free lawn that amps up your curb appeal and gives you grass you can boast about.

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