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The Right Seeds + The Right Care = A Better Lawn

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Banish Bare Spots and Thinning With Quality Seeding Services

Your lawn might be a bit thin and spotty. Or maybe there are some nasty bare spots that make it look less than the cozy, thick lawn you crave. And that can certainly make you feel a bit embarrassed about how your property looks. 

Or maybe you need a total renovation or lawn seeding, but aren’t sure which grass seed is best for Northeast Ohio, what kind of preparation is ideal for optimum germination or what time of year ensures the best results. 

At the end of the day, you want to get the most value for your lawn investment and have a lawn to boast about.

Get That Thick, Green Lawn You Crave

Seeding your lawn might sound like a relatively simple task. Why should you hire a professional in Lake County, Geauga County, and Cuyahoga County, OH for something that you can just do on your own?

The truth is, there are some significant benefits to professional lawn seeding. One of the key benefits to bringing in a pro is that you can have overseeding paired with aeration, which will give your seeds the best possible chance at survival and growth. Since aeration removes small cores of soil throughout the yard and displaces them on the surface, it creates the best growing conditions for lawn seeds to germinate.

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A Professional Touch Gives You A Lasting Lawn

When you’re ready for a brand-new lawn or a thicker, healthier one, it’s important to remember that not all grass seeds are created equal. 

Turf Pride’s trained professionals can help you select the right seed variety based on your climate and soil as part of our grass seeding service. Before we leave, we give you all the instructions you need for proper watering and care to ensure your grass seeds grow strong. 

The end result is a big boost in curb appeal and a lawn you can’t resist loving.

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