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Your Mission: Obtain a Thick, Healthy Lawn

If you’ve tried weed control and lawn fertilization, but your lawn seems to be resistant to these positive inputs, you might have a bit of a soil compaction problem. 

Over time, lawns in Lake County, Geauga County, and Cuyahoga County, OH can actually build up layers of thatch. The whole process acts like a blockade of sorts to where your positive treatments – everything from water to fertilizer to even oxygen – can get stuck in transit. 

The solution to this problem is an annual lawn aeration service that can get your lawn soil doing its job again to supply your grass with what it needs to grow strong and healthy.

Helping You Get to the Core of the Problem

Compact soil can be remedied in most cases with core aeration. For best results, we recommend having aeration performed each year. 

Through aeration, an aerator pulls small soil plugs from your lawn, depositing them back over the grass. This gives your lawn roots the space they need to soak up adequate oxygen, water, and nutrients again. 

Having a professional perform local lawn aeration service in Northeast Ohio and giving you the adequate care tips you need afterward ensures you get the optimum results and the lush, healthy lawn you deserve.

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Identifying Issues Both Above and Below Ground to Create the Perfect Lawn

You crave a thick lawn, which is what can create that lush appearance and prevent weeds at the same time. To get you there, your property might also need overseeding, which is best done immediately after aeration to help regenerate thinning or struggling lawns with new grass plants.

Our mid-level program includes annual core aeration services, while our premium program boasts both lawn aeration and overseeding. 

By taking care of your lawn from deep beneath the soil to the tip of the grass blade, Turf Pride’s professionals give you that lawn you crave – without the hassle of you having to waste time and energy just putting band-aids on above-ground lawn issues. Kick off your shoes and sink your toes in; your grass will be waiting for you.

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