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How much water does your lawn need?

The amount of water your lawn needs is determined by many factors, such as soil composition, amounts of rainfall, air temps, humidity and more.  Follow the following rules of thumb for watering your lawn in Northeast Ohio and your lawn will thank you!

  1. Determine when to water.  Early morning hours are best, this reduces the amount of water lost to evaporation and wind. Evening watering allows the grass blade to stay wet for long hours and promotes disease.
  2. Decide how often to water.  It is typically unnecessary to water every day, instead infrequent deep watering is recommended.
  3. Determine how much water.  Lawns in Northeast Ohio need roughly 1″ to 1½” each week of either rainfall or supplemental watering.  Thoroughly water deep to encourage a deep healthy root system.
  4. Monitor the weather.  Cut back on watering when the lawn is getting sufficient rainfall.  Keeping a rain gage is a good idea, a lot of times the rain will hardly penetrate the thatch layer and you’ll still need to water.  The same is true of the opposite, too much water can cause problems such as root rot & fungal disease.


There are signs to look for that’ll determine when the time has come to start watering.  Common signs are bluish green grass blades that curl a bit and mower tracks & footprints that stay matted down longer than usual.


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