4 Ways to Know if Your Lawn is Dying?

Your grass is supposed to be green. 

This makes brown grass a confusing sight. You want to know what’s causing the problem and whether the grass is still alive. And you really want your green grass back. 

It can be tough to determine whether your grass is dead or just dealing with a specific issue. Grass sometimes even goes into dormancy, which is a natural protection mechanism for grass to withstand weather changes. 

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Let’s talk about how you can tell if you have grass that is dead and how to revive dead grass in Northeast Ohio.

Is My Grass Dead?

If you’re seeing grass that looks concerning to you and doesn’t have its normal color or vigor, it may be time to check to answer the question: Is my grass dead?

Here are a few ways you can determine the state of your lawn. 

1. Try Tugging On Your Grass

Since it can be tough to tell the difference between dead and dormant grass, you can try the tug test to determine if you have grass that is dead. 

To do this, seek a section of brown grass, grab some in your hand and tug on it. If the grass comes out very easily without resistance, we’re sorry to tell you that it is dead. 

Dead grass doesn’t come back, so the next step is to regrow your lawn, which you can do by seeding or sodding. Or maybe you want to do something different with this area, such as add a groundcover or a landscape bed.  

Either way, you’ll need to properly prepare the area and then take care of it afterward with adequate water and nutrition.

doing a tug test on lawn

2. Check For Patterns in Your Lawn

Another thing you can look for when determining whether your grass is dead is looking for patterns. Is the whole lawn brown or do you just see patterns of brown grass?

When your whole lawn is the same brown color, it might just be dormant. But if you have circles of brown grass, those spots may be dead. This is a good time to call in a lawn care professional to rule out possible pests or diseases. 

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3. Don’t Leave Out the Possibility of Temperature Swings

Temperature and weather swings can change your lawn’s appearance and cause you to question: Is my grass dead?  

Cool-season grasses like those we have in Northeast Ohio can go dormant during prolonged periods of high heat. This means the grass is still alive and will become green again when the temperature cools down. 

In Ohio, grass does dormant usually after November and stays dormant during the winter months. Grass will keep growing when daytime temperatures are above 55 degrees, but growth certainly slows at this time of year before it stops altogether. 

Snow melting revealing grass

4. Remember to Water Properly

When we experience excessive heat and dry conditions that can happen in the late summer months in Northeast Ohio, this can cause your grass to panic. This can lead to grass that is dead if proper steps aren’t taken to ensure your lawn gets the water it needs.

By watering properly, you’ll see your grass come back to its proper color and vigor. If your grass is dead, watering won’t bring it back. 

To keep your grass receiving the water it needs, irrigate one to two times weekly for approximately 45 to 60 minutes. You want to provide your grass with a good soak; you don’t want to just water for a couple minutes or that water won’t reach your lawn’s roots. Your goal should be to provide your lawn with 1 inch of water each week. 

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Turf Pride Can Help You Revive Grass in Northeast Ohio

It may take some trial and error for you to figure out the answer to the question: Is my grass dead? And it can be pretty confusing, too. 

We get it. As you’re determining the state of your lawn, you might find that you need some help figuring this out. 

Let Turf Pride help. We are experts in caring for Northeast Ohio lawns. And we can ensure your lawn survives anything Mother Nature throws at it, so you can get that green lawn you love again. 

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Want to improve your lawn’s health and help it stay healthy through summer? Turf Pride can help. Get started today with a free quote. Together, we’ll customize a plan that gives you the most attractive lawn on the block.

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