TruGreen vs. Turf Pride Lawn Care

Dave Petti

Want a better lawn? There are a few lawn care providers you have to choose from in Northeast Ohio. In fact, a quick Google search will bring up a pretty long list. 

Among them will be some bigger lawn care companies, as well as smaller local businesses. 

As you search, we understand this can feel like a tough exercise to try and choose the perfect service partner to address your specific lawn care needs. How can you trust you’re going to pick the right company that will recognize your lawn’s unique issues? 

And, once you make your decision, you don’t want to realize that you picked the company that’s not returning your phone calls, showing up for services, or tackling your lawn’s issues. 

You want your lawn to look good, but you don’t want a hassle. We completely understand. 

During your Northeast OH lawn care options research, TruGreen will likely come up. And you may be comparing that company to Turf Pride. Let’s take a look at a few key points to help you make a fair comparison. 


TruGreen vs. Turf Pride: The National Giant vs. the Local Business

Like other national brands, TruGreen is a name that nearly everyone recognizes. The company, however, is not based in Northeast Ohio. It’s a massive chain that services millions of customers across the country. The biggest difference between TruGreen and Turf Pride as lawn care companies is definitely size. While Turf Pride is focused on Northeast Ohio, TruGreen has more than 200 branches in the U.S. 

Though Turf Pride might not be a name that people recognize around the country, it’s a name known in Northeast OH lawn care, which is what we feel matters most. In fact, we think our smaller size is an advantage because our smaller service area enables us to get to know our customers better. 


We also are very aware of our local weather patterns and common lawn challenges and issues because we know our region well. We don’t have to try and understand multiple areas in different climates; we just need to focus solely on Northeast Ohio.

Comparing Service Offerings

There are a few similarities between the services TruGreen and Turf Pride offer. On paper, at least, they look very similar. Both Northeast OH lawn care companies offer lawn care, aeration and overseeding, and even mosquito control. But Turf Pride also offers flea and tick control and perimeter pest control services. 

So if you are in need of lawn care services, but also find you have a pest problem, we can help you with that, too. If TruGreen was your lawn care company, you’d have to research another company to help you handle that problem. 


TruGreen vs. Turf Pride Prices

Of course you’re curious about the price differences between lawn care providers. We can tell you that TruGreen is going to be cheaper. That’s pretty common knowledge and is certainly not something we are trying to hide. Compared to most companies in the U.S., TruGreen will usually come out less expensive than others – at least when reviewing plans on paper. 

But you might want to also think about the reasons they might be cheaper compared to so many others. 

Like most things in life, you usually get what you pay for, and this is also true with lawn care providers. There are many factors that can impact lawn care prices, including: 

  • Experience and training: We employ registered professional lawn care applicators. And we believe that when we take care of our team members, they take better care of our customers. Also, several times a year we conduct training on proper application techniques and best practices to ensure lawn issue identification and correct product usage remains at the highest level. This helps keep our quality control high, elevating our customer service. As a result, our technicians – who know your lawn – stay with us. Larger lawn care companies without these benefits tend to have higher turnover. 
  • Customer support: When you’re a smaller company, you’re more nimble and can spend extra time with customers and answer questions so they are more comfortable with the progress their lawn is making. Typically, larger lawn care providers like TruGreen are focused on quantity – number of customers they can take care of in one day – versus the quality of care with each and every visit. It’s just how their business is structured. As a small- to medium-sized company, we prefer to keep our business at a size that enables us to maintain more personal customer relationships. That way we know you on a first-name basis and our service can be more responsive and immediate.
  • Customer service ratings: How customers review a company speaks volumes about their services and customer care. We could not be more proud of our rating on Google and the kind reviews from our customers – a higher average ranking than larger lawn care companies. 


Google Reviews

TruGreen in Walton Hills, Ohio:  123 reviews for 3.5 stars
Turf Pride:  191 reviews for 5.0 stars (and more coming in each week!)

Whether it’s the knowledge that our certified and licensed lawn care technicians share with customers or our responsiveness to lawn care concerns or the fact that we treat your lawn as our own, we love hearing these comments from our customers. It reinforces the fact that we’re doing things right with our Northeast OH lawn care. 

Make a Choice That’s Best for You And Your Lawn

With all the advertising out there, it can be hard to figure out which company to trust with your Northeast Ohio lawn. That’s why it’s so important for you to do your research on lawn care providers. There’s nothing worse than believing in a lawn care company and then having them not come through for you.

While making a how to choose lawn care decision, it can feel overwhelming. We are here to help guide you. Obviously, we want to be at the top of your list of lawn care companies, but even if you don’t choose Turf Pride, we want you to be happy with the company you end up hiring. 


When you make a smart, well-researched choice, you get to build a long-term relationship and then relax in your yard without worrying about weeds or other lawn issues all season long.

Want to improve your lawn’s health and create a thicker, greener lawn? Turf Pride can help. Get started today with a free quote. Together, we’ll customize a plan that gives you the most attractive lawn on the block.

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