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Pest Control vs. Exterminator: What's the Difference?

Dave Petti

No one wants unwanted pests in their home. Not only are they disgusting and intrusive, but you didn't invite them over in the first place. 

When you find bugs in your home, all you want is to get rid of them as fast as possible. 

As you research some options, you’ll likely find pest control professionals and exterminators. You’ll also see terms like perimeter pest control and general pest control. It might leave you scratching your head wondering which one of these can actually help you banish the bugs.

Let’s talk about pest control services in Northeast Ohio and answer the question: Is pest control the same as exterminator? This way you can get your problem solved and stop pests in their tracks. 

Is Pest Control The Same As Exterminator?

When it comes to exterminating pests, both pest control professional and exterminator are terms you’ll find out there. 

Pest management professionals are certified applicators who have the training and knowledge to treat pest problems. An exterminator is defined as a person or business establishment specializing in the elimination of insects, etc., from buildings, apartments, etc., especially through controlled applications.

In most instances, both jobs can eliminate pests from your home interior and perimeter. You should always ask the pest control professional or exterminator you’re calling what their services include though to make sure. 

A difference can be seen, however, in perimeter pest control vs. general pest control. 

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Perimeter Pest Control vs. General Pest Control

In Northeast Ohio, insects become active as temperatures approach 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside. And then in winter, when temperatures dip, they notice the change and begin looking for food and shelter where they can settle in and make more bugs. 

Your home is a great place for them to get cozy. It’s warm, has plenty of hiding places, and tons of food and crumbs. 

All bugs need are some small openings, such as cracks or crevices by your windows and doors, foundation or siding, and they can squeeze through. 


So when should you use pest control extermination vs. perimeter pest control? Once those pests are inside, you need a general pest control company that can eliminate the bugs inside your home. This is always the first step. 

After that, perimeter pest control is a great way to keep bugs out by applying a product around your home foundation to discourage pests from entering. This barrier is usually refreshed quarterly to ensure it doesn’t break down and can continue doing its job. 

Building a partnership with a company that can make perimeter pest control work best for you is a great way to eliminate bug problems for good. 

At Turf Pride, perimeter pest control is a customized treatment applied by our experienced technicians that creates a solid barrier around your home that keeps out the most troublesome invaders like spiders, ants, and centipedes. And keeping them outside is what you want to do to ensure success. 

Perimeter Pest Control Services in Northeast Ohio 

If you don’t have bugs in your home, perimeter pest control is a great way to keep any pest problems away. 

But if you have an interior pest problem and you just get perimeter pest control treatment, you’re not dealing with the internal problem, so you will continue to have issues with bugs in your home. 

You want to choose pest control services in Northeast Ohio that fit your needs, and knowing which services can help you do that based on your specific issue is important. 

A big benefit of perimeter pest control is having an experienced technician outside of your home on a quarterly basis to watch for bug problems. In securing your pest barrier, they keep their eyes out for any problems they see, alerting you of issues and providing instant solutions. When you have technicians who have years of knowledge on how to find pests, this reduces the chance of bugs getting into your property and creating indoor infestations. 

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Opt for The Best Pest Control Services in Northeast Ohio

No one wants a bug brigade taking over their Northeast Ohio home, dining on their crumbs and spills and building nests in hidden places, creating more pest populations. Ants can show up and take over your kitchen. Spiders lurk in your basement and litter your room corners with webs. Centipedes enjoy musty spaces and give everyone a fright with their multi-legged creepiness. 

Pests are a nuisance, and they create an unwelcoming environment in your personal space. 

When you have a pest problem, choosing perimeter pest control services in Northeast Ohio can help you keep pests out.

We hope this helps you clarify what the differences in pest elimination services are in Northeast Ohio so you can better take care of your home. 

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If you still find that you have questions, give Turf Pride a call. We perform perimeter pest control services and can stop pests outside your home from getting inside in a snap, giving you tips to help avoid additional bug problems in the future. 

Have some questions about perimeter pest control services in Northeast Ohio? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can make a great choice. Then you can relax and avoid any surprise pest problems. 

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