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5 Landscaping Strategies for Defending Your Home Against Pests

Dave Petti

Who doesn’t want to enjoy warm, inviting spring and summer days and evenings? Grilling out on the patio is fun with family and friends. Throwing the ball with the kids or the dog gets everyone outside to soak in the sun or enjoy the fresh air. 

When the weather warms up, you definitely don’t want pests making their way into your home like it’s their own. 

Unfortunately, your landscape could be inviting pests closer than you’d like. The goal, after all, is to stop pests before they have a chance to get inside and become harder to exterminate.

Let’s talk about landscaping to discourage pests in Northeast Ohio so that you can make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep these pesky insects out

5 Great Landscaping Pest Control Strategies 

Landscaping to discourage pests includes a variety of prevention tips and tricks. 

Try these tips to reduce the chance that pests sneak into your home and start an infestation. 

#1. Trim Overgrown Plants

Lots of tall grasses and vegetative brush near your home are key places where pests like to hang out. 

This is why landscaping to discourage pests starts by trimming tall grasses and properly managing any overgrowth. This task is especially important to do at your property’s border edges, particularly if your home landscape backs up to woods or a prairie or preserve where other wild animals may hang out or find shelter. 

You want to limit grassy overgrowth around places your family likes to hang out, too, such as patios, playgrounds, or around fire pits.

Also, make sure to trim large shrubs and trees that are very near to your home so you can avoid them touching your siding and becoming another key entry highway for pests. 

All of these strategies will target different pests, but each one will help limit not only the likelihood of indoor pests, but even the occurrence of outdoor pests like ticks. 

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#2. Regularly Mow Your Grass 

Landscaping pest control also involves mowing your lawn on a regular basis because pests like to hang out in tall or scraggly grasses. 

During the growing season, you want to mow your lawn weekly, keeping it to a 3- to 4-inch height. This will help discourage insects from hanging out too close to your home.


#3. Keep Wild Animals Out of Your Yard

A lot of pests can travel on mice, rodents, squirrels, deer, and other mammals. 

By keeping your lawn mowed and other plants trimmed as part of landscaping pest control, you discourage these potential pest carriers from taking up residence in your yard. 

Keeping your trash secure with a tight lid also discourages wild animals and pests from taking up residence in your yard, closer to your home. 

#4. Watch Out For Inferior Mulch and Properly Manage Compost Piles

 Does mulch attract pests? It can. But you don’t have to avoid it; you just have to choose a good, organic mulch and then make sure not to pile it up too much on your home siding or foundation. 

Also, never store compost piles too close to your home as part of landscaping to discourage pests. These are just natural pest attractants, so you don’t want to locate them too near your home. A good rule of thumb is to store firewood piles and compost piles about 20 feet away.

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#5. Opt For Perimeter Pest Control 

Even if you follow all of the prevention tips, pests may still find their way to your yard or home. 

This is where choosing pest control services in Northeast Ohio can make a huge difference. 

Perimeter pest control is a way to block a bug’s entrance into your home by applying a product around the foundation to discourage entry. Refreshing this barrier quarterly ensures it doesn’t break down, keeping pests out. 

To keep fleas and ticks away, you can also opt for a flea and tick control treatment. Turf Pride applies a liquid spray on the lawn four times a year to keep fleas and ticks away. Treatments start in mid-April and run through August, spaced out about four to six weeks apart to keep up that defense. 

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Keep Pest Worries At Bay In Northeast Ohio

We hope these landscaping pest control tips help you create a better situation in your yard that helps deter bugs from coming inside. 

If you find you’re still having issues, opting for pest control services in Northeast Ohio can be a great option. 

At Turf Pride, perimeter pest control is a customized treatment applied by our experienced technicians. The process helps create a barrier around your home to keep out troublesome invaders like spiders and ants. For other bugs like fleas and ticks that you also don’t want traveling in on your family members or pets, we offer a flea and tick program that can help limit these pest populations, too. 

Have questions about bugs and keeping them away from your family, pets, and home? Give Turf Pride a call. We can share our best recommendations so you can have some peace of mind and experience fewer pest problems. 

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Have some questions about perimeter pest control services in Northeast Ohio? Give Turf Pride a call. Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can make a great choice. Then you can relax and avoid any surprise pest problems. 

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